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Commitment & 
Re-commitment Ceremonies

"Today, tomorrow and forever, I give my heart and life to you"

Is it time to renew your vows, maybe you have been through a tough patch and want to recommit to each other, don't want to or not able to get legally married then a commitment ceremony is what you need.

This ceremony is for you and what you need, its a time to affirm your love for each other and in your own way to make it special and unique.

What next?

Is this a legal ceremony?

A commitment or re-commitment ceremony is not a legal ceremony but it doesn't make it any less important or significant.  I will work with you to create a unique and beautiful service that captures the love that you have for each other.

What is the cost?

The fees are $500 for the ceremony which includes writing a unique, meaningful and personalised ceremony and also the use of my PA system so that everyone can hear us.

How many people can I have attend?

This is completely up to you and what you wish, you can have as few or as man as you would like to have celebrate this moment with you.

When should I book?

You should book in as soon as you have a date.  I only book one ceremony per day and I only take limited bookings per year so I encourage you to book as soon as you can to ensure that I am available to be your celebrant.

Why should I have a commitment ceremony?

You may have been married for quite some time and would like to renew your vows or recommit your lives to each other.

You may not be able to legally get married but would like to have a commitment ceremony.

You may have been married overseas but want to have something here to celebrate with friends and family.

You may have been going through a tough time in your marriage and want to recommit to each other.

The reason for having this ceremony is up to you, there is no right or wrong answer.

I'm sure you have many more questions so I encourage you to have a look at the FAQ's or contact me to discuss your needs further.

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