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This is SO much fun!

So here I am, engaged for a little over a month and more in love than ever! I am very lucky to have a wonderful fiancee who comes in from a long day of work and sits and listens to me talk about our wedding, looks at things I have found and puts up with the excitement all while probably wondering what he has got himself into.

I am someone that thrives on organisation, on creating, researching and putting together what I hope will be a perfect day. I have spent a lot of time on the Easy Weddings website where I could look at their suggestions and ideas and explore the wedding world from a brides point of view.

I have found that I need to write things down, I have SO many ideas and I need somewhere to write them down when they pop into my head so I started a note book but that got out of hand pretty quick and because I like to share I have created my own Wedding Planner with things I have gathered from all over the place, if you are one of the couples that have booked me as your celebrant you have full access to me wedding planner on my website, take a look and let me know if you have any other ideas you think I should add/change.

So has all this planning and researching achieved anything? YES!!! I have booked in the venue, caterer, celebrant (that was a tricky one to decide on), photographer, decided on theme, colours, ordered save the dates and created my invitations! WOW, it feels like a lot when I write it all down.

Some of the decisions were easy, the photographer was one that I have worked alongside at one of my first weddings, he took amazing photos, kept out of limelight but captured the moment perfectly and is a really nice guy, he made both of us feel comfortable. Check out Scott Adams if you are looking for a photographer -

The venue took a little bit of research, we wanted something casual, rustic and that really fit with what was in my head, I contacted a variety of places and waited to get their info and I must say there are some awesome locations out there. Eliza at Brickendon Estate showed us round, was on the ball with responding to emails and sold us on it being the perfect location for our day -

If you are looking for invitations that you can have full design over yourself check out Vistaprint, I am loving all the options, the prices and that I have the ability to add, change and completely create the perfect invitation for our day.

So many things planned but still lots to go, I suppose the most important thing we organised was the DATE!! Fitting in a wedding for ourselves around our lawn bowls, around the many other weddings I have booked in and also around family and friends as well, we only have 12 months to wait until the big day but I am sure it will be here before we know it.

The key to all of this organising has been the conversations that we have had together, we discuss all the ideas that we have, we listen to each other and come up with what we think will work for both of us, we look at different things, we have been back and forth with ideas but above all we have communicated. This day is no 'my' day, it is OUR day, we are getting married, it takes two of us and I want this day to be as much about him as it is about me, I want to see him smile, feel comfortable, have his friends and family there and above all celebrate the love that we have for each other. This day is as much about him as it is about me and I have loved hearing his ideas, seeing his excitement (though it's not as obvious as mine) and just listening to him put out there everything he wants for our day.

In regards to me being a Celebrant, I have undergone my mandatory training for the year, I have the pleasure of meeting many other celebrants and hearing about our industry, the challenges, the excitement and the changes that have occurred. It was a really valuable learning session and I am sure we all walked away with a little more knowledge than we had before. Each celebrant does need to do a training session every year, this is at a cost to ourselves and without we can't be a celebrant, our training doesn't stop when we become qualified it continues for the rest of our career.

Another HUGE thing that has happened is that we are now ONLINE! This means that we can sign your Notice of Intent to Marry electronically, we can submit it all online and you can sign just about everything on your wedding day electronically as well (everything except the pretty presentation certificate that I give you on the day). It also means that I can apply for your Official Marriage Certificate for you at the time of submitting all your documents - lets chat about later if you have any questions.

I am almost full on Saturday's for the 2020/2021 wedding season, contact me if you are thinking about booking in, I do have spaces on other days though. I have also varied my fees a little, I am sure that you all understand that celebrants do such an awesome job and with all our training, marketing, legal requirements and everything else, we deserve to get paid accordingly.

Those wonderful couples that have confirmed their booking with me will have received the past work to my secret page, here there have been some updates along with lots for you to look at to help make your day as perfect at it is can possibly be.

Well until next time, thanks for reading and I wish you good health in all that your doing


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